Vocal Romanian anti-vaxxer begs followers to get jab after he’s hospitalized with Covid

A staunch anti-vaxxer who helped organize anti-mask rallies in Romania has had a change of heart after he caught the virus.

Businessman and keep-fit fanatic Erno Kovacs, from the northwest Transylanian city of Zalau, has gone from virus denial to urging people to get jabs.

The 50-year-old who regularly posts on social media was used to telling followers to ignore pandemic restrictions.

This spring, he even appeared at a rally with lawmaker Diana Sosoaca,  one of the country’s most prominent ant-mask and anti-vaxxer voices.

As late as September 24, he was calling on people to attend an anti-restrictions rally in Bucharest on October 2.

Somewhere in between, he caught the coronavirus.

Hospitalized and needing oxygen to breathe, he has done an about-face and is urging people to get jabbed.

“Get a vaccine, my dears!” he wrote Tuesday.

“I am sorry I was against  Covid and the vaccine. I will (now) promote the vaccine. The doctors are heroes…. I apologize I didn’t trust them.”

Romania posted 14,744 cases on Wednesday, one of the highest daily tallies ever, and an all-time record of 332 deaths. President Klaus Iohannis called the situation „a catastrophe.”

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