WHO: Heatwave kills at least 15,000 in Europe this year

Persoane se răcoresc în parcul IOR din București, în timpul codului roșu de caniculă, sâmbătă 1 iulie 2017. Inquam Photos / George Călin

Hot weather has killed at least 15,000 people in Europe  this year, the World Health Organization says.

The three months from June-August were the hottest in Europe since records began, and the exceptionally high temperatures led to the worst drought the continent has witnessed since the Middle Ages.

Spain and Germany among the worst-affected countries.

„Based on country data submitted so far, it is estimated that at least 15,000 people died specifically due to the heat in 2022,” the WHO’s Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge said in a statement.

There were nearly 4,000 deaths in Spain, more than 1,000 in Portugal, more than 3,200 in the United Kingdom, and around 4,500 deaths in Germany reported by health authorities during the 3 months of summer, he said.

Crops withered in European breadbaskets, as the historic dry spell drove record wildfire intensity and placed severe pressure on the continent’s power grid.

Successive heatwaves between June and July, which saw temperatures top 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in Britain for the first time, saw some 24,000 excess deaths in Europe.

„Heat stress, when the body cannot cool itself, is the leading cause of weather-related death in the European Region,” the WHO said.

It added that extreme temperatures can be a danger to people who suffer from chronic heart disease, breathing problems and diabetes.

WHO said increasing heatwaves and other extreme weather will „lead to more diseases and deaths” in the next decades unless „drastic” action is taken.

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