Why not donate for Women’s Day?

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For the second consecutive year, fundraising platform Galantom.ro has launched a challenge for ladies to donate their March 1st or March 8th gifts to one of the more than 470 projects of organizations and associations on Galantom.ro, with impact in areas such as education, health, environment or social inclusion, on dar.galantom.ro.

New this year, men will also be able to replace their March gifts for their ladies with a more meaningful gift: a donation in the name of the important women next to them.

Ladies who want to give up gifts in favour of donations to a social cause can create a fundraising page for 1 or 8 March by visiting dar.galantom.ro and choosing the cause or social project they want to raise donations for. After creating the page, they can share the link with friends, acquaintances and relatives to invite them to make a gift donation.

Men can visit https://galantom.ro/events/, where they can make a gift donation in the name of a loved one for any of the social projects listed. In return, they will receive a card that can be personalized, to give it to the important woman in their life. The postcard can be emailed or printed and physically given as a kind of greeting card. The card download link will be available in the donation confirmation notification.

March can become „Gifts with Meaning Month” when they change lives by donating to projects that help refugees, homeless people, stray animals or sick children.

In 2022, Galantom.ro’s March 1 and 8 campaign raised almost 23,000 lei from 200 donations, supporting 18 social causes of different organizations on the platform. The main projects supported focused on humanitarian aid, community and society, education and animal protection.

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