Afghan refugee dies in stabbing in fight at train station in western Romania

A refugee from Afghanistan has died after being stabbed while another man sustained knife wounds in a fight broke out between refugees at the train station in the western city of Timisoara.

Prosecutors are investigating the case and working to identify the assailants who carried out the knife attacks, the Timis Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday.

They are also trying to determine the circumstances which led to the violence in which the two Afghan men were stabbed on Monday evening at Timisoara’s North Station.

One of the men who was knifed later died. Authorities haven’t managed to identify who carried out the attacks.

Judicial sources said a fight broke out between two different groups of Afghan refugees, and two men were stabbed.

Passers-by called the police and ambulance service which later arrived on the scene.

Two men who sustained injuries were transported to hospital, but one died. The other is in a serious condition.

The UN Refugee Agency, the UNHCR has an Emergency Transit Center in the city.

It opened its doors in May 2008 as part of an agreement between Romania, UNHCR, and International Organization for Migration..

It has room to host up to 200 people and provides temporary shelter to refugees who are in need of immediate evacuation from their first country of refuge.

Such evacuations occur when refugees face life-threatening risks – forcible return to areas where they would face persecution, or residence in an unstable, inhumane or dangerous environment.

The center enables UNHCR to bring refugees to a safe place where they can prepare for resettlement in a new home, the agency said.


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