As COVID-19 cases plateau in Romania, president says restrictions may be eased ‘if we continue to be vigilant and responsible’


Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis said Wednesday that authorities may relax measures imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus if new infections continue to remain at a stable level.

Iohannis spoke after authorities published the latest figures for coronavirus infections. Romania has reported a total of 18,594 cases since the outbreak began, with 165 cases in the last 24 hours.

“The number of cases is fairly constant,” Iohannis said. There are days  “with more cases, followed by a drop in cases, which means we’re on a plateau.”

Romania imposed a strict lockdown for two months which started on March 16 to limit the spread of the virus. On May 15, it began to ease restrictions, allowing people to leave home without carrying papers to explain why they were out.

Instead, it is mandatory to wear face masks in indoor public places, and people are asked to keep a physical distance from others when they are in public. They need to fill out forms if they leave the town where they live.

In a televised address, Iohannis said: „If we wear masks, if we keep hygiene (rules) and keep a physical distance from one and other, we will flatten the curve a lot and it will be possible to raise many restrictions as quickly as possible.”

“We will pass this stage if we continue to be vigilant and responsible,” he said. „I wish you good health. Take care of yourselves and those around you.”

The death toll rose to 1,219 on Wednesday with authorities reporting 12,162 patients who have recovered from the disease.

There are currently 198 patients being treated for the virus in intensive care units.

The number of tests processed so far rose to more than 397,000 on Wednesday.


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