Athens rules not to extradite mayor Oprescu

The Athens Court of Appeal ruled that former Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu should not be extradited to Romania, where he faces 10 years and eight months in prison on corruption charges. According to, the Greek judges believe the former mayor would not have decent conditions in Romanian prisons.

Oprescu was sentenced to prison in mid-May this year in a corruption case in which he was charged with bribery, setting up an organized criminal group and abuse of office.

The Police couldn’t find Oprescu when they tried to enforce the arrest warrant, so he was declared a fugitive. Information then emerged that the former mayor left to Greece, where he was detained a few days later.

In early June, Sorin Oprescu was released from arrest after paying a EUR 5,000 bail.

Fugitive ex-Bucharest mayor released on bail in Greece


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