BBC Travel series promotes Saxon villages in Transylvania

A recent BBC article features the beautiful region of Târnava Mare in Transylvania, lovingly describing its „age-old traditions” and ways of living.

It is part of Country Rambles, a BBC Travel series that embraces rural life, helping travelers reconnect with nature, learn a handcrafted skill and live more sustainably – all while experiencing local culture.

„I heard them before I saw them, the soft jangle of metal bells carrying on the warm evening air. Weary hooves scuffed up clouds of dust as the herd trudged up Viscri’s dirt-road high street, stopping to gulp water from a trough beneath a gnarled walnut tree. Routine kicked in, and they peeled away through arched gateways and into their own cobbled courtyards, where they’d be milked and fed for the night.”

Travel writer Keith Drew describes what life is like in the medieval villages of Viscri, Criț, Biertan, and Saschiz – a culturally intriguing rural area, which was settled by the Saxons in the 12th Century and is located between the historical cities of Sighişoara, Braşov, and Sibiu.


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