Cartoon Network study finds climate change is key concern for kids in 13 countries including Romania

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A study carried out by Cartoon Network shows the health of the planet is a top priority for children.

Climate change

The study carried out in 13 countries including Romania as part of the  network’s ‘Climate Champions’ campaign. It shows children aged  6-12 are concerned about climate change, the network said Wednesday.

The  study looked at the views and behaviors regarding  of climate change. Children said they want to be part of the solution to one of the biggest challenges they are facing in their lifetimes.

In Romania, an overwhelming 98% of children said climate change caused feelings of worry, fear and sadness. The overall average was 91% for all the countries surveyed.


Ninety percent of the 200 Romanian children who took part said they were prepared to fight against climate change but need more knowledge and opportunities.

They also said they feel responsible for looking after the environment.

The study was conducted in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, UAE, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK, South Africa, Romania, Turkey and Czech Republic.


The study also found that 78% of kids polled want to learn more about climate change. Some   83% want to do more to help fight climate change.

Two-thirds said they were proactively looking for opportunities to get involved.

Vanessa Brookman, Head of Kids, WarnerMedia EMEA, said, “The findings reinforce what we had already taken from conversations with our young fans. Kids care immensely about the planet and are eager to get involved”.


She said a climate awareness initiative called “Cartoon Network Climate Champions” was launched on June 1. More than 300,000 challenges have already been completed, she said.

“We are pleased to empower our young audiences in this way and are impressed with how they are collectively making a difference”, she added.

Asked who inspires them most to want to help fight global warming, 60% of kids mentioned “mum” as their biggest hero who can support them combating climate change. In Romania the figure was 70%.

“Dad” and “teachers” were also referenced as climate change role models.

Cartoon Network

Two-thirds of respondents said they’d like Cartoon Network to help them fight climate change.

WarnerMedia commissioned online nationally representative surveys among 4,124 kids. The survey was conducted by Quantilope from May 28 to June 11, 2021.

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