UPDATE. Coronavirus. Romania orders tracking equipment to monitor hundreds in quarantine

Inquam Photos / Virgil Simonescu

Romanian authorities will use electronic bracelets and portable devices to track the movements and take the temperature of people who are in quarantine because they may have contracted coronavirus.

There are currently 25 cases of COVID-19 in Romania. Five of those have been given the all-clear.

There are currently 52 cases of people in quarantine and more than 11,000 are in self-isolation at home, who can’t be monitored, authorities say.

Health ministry official Nelu Tartaru said Tuesday that authorities currently have 350 electronic bracelets and portable devices, and have ordered 500 more. He told Hotnews news agency. He said 3,000 more could be ordered.

„At the moment, this is a pilot program for Bucharest in partnership with the Sector 1 town hall who have provided” the equipment.

“Bucharest has the highest urban density, so we’ll start there, and if we find other partners, we can extend all over the country,” he said. “All the information will be directed to the ministry,” he said.

“These electronic bracelets and portable devices give us real-time data about these people, including if they have a temperature,” Tătaru said.

The people who have been quarantined by authorities are under surveillance, while people who are at home in self-isolation are not monitored.  

“They will tell us they’re at home or they’ll be off in the malls and the market,” he said.   

Eighteen Romanians are being investigated for not respecting quarantine rules which is a criminal offense.


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