Covid-19 infections fall sharply in Bucharest. Romanian capital no longer in the ‘red zone’

Foto: Inquam Photos / Sabin Cirstoveanu

Covid-19 infections have decelerated sharply in Bucharest and the Romanian capital is no longer in the ‘red zone,’ authorities said.

Public health authorities said the infection rate was 2.87 per 1000 inhabitants on Wednesday. The rate is measured over a rolling two-week period,

The news comes as new Covid-19 infections have dropped sharply in recent weeks. More people have been coming forward to get vaccinated and the effects of  strict restrictions have also contributed.

In October, which was the worst case for  Covid-19 cases and deaths, Bucharest reported a record rate of 16.54 cases per 1,000.

Romania reported 2,736 new cases on Tuesday and 243 Covid-19 related deaths.

The vaccine rate in the capital reached 65% on Tuesday, while more than half the residents of the counties of Cluj and Sibiu in the Transylvania region and the Black Sea region of Constanta were vaccinator, Valeriu Gheorghita, vaccine campaign coordinator said.

Vaccine certificates are now required for access to many public buildings, shopping malls and restaurants.

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