Cranes spotted in Romania’s Danube Delta

Cranes have returned to the wetlands of the Danube Delta, the environment ministry said.

The long-necked birds were filmed in flight about a week ago in the delta which lies in far east of Romania.

There are 15 species of cranes of which two can be found in Europe. The Eurasian or common crane is indigenous to Romania. It is one of four crane species not currently classified as threatened with extinction.

The ministry said that the common cranes had „reappeared” in the Danube Delta.”

Cranes are increasingly rare in Romania. Wetlands have been turned into farmlands, or have been taken over by developers. Their habitat has also been polluted with pesticides.

According to Asian culture, it was believed the birds live 1,000 years. They are seen as a symbol of long life.

„The common crane is a monogamous bird that stays with its mate for the rest of its life. ….. It has become a symbol of fidelity, married life, love and happiness,” the environment ministry said on Facebook.


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