Eco transport: Turda becomes first town in Romania to go green with 100% electric buses

sursa: Primăria Turda / Facebook

The Transylvanian town of Turda has gone green after it became the first place in Romania to have a public transport system that runs exclusively on electricity.

The town hall said Monday it had acquired a fleet of 20 new electric buses which are produced by Czech company SOR Bus, and purchased with EU funds.

The buses are modern, have video surveillance, special ramps for people with disabilities and a “GPS system to catch and prevent” vandalism said the town hall on its Facebook page.

The 20 buses cost 50.1 million lei, about 10.6 million euros. A similar bus was tested in Bucharest in 2015, but the city hall didn’t order any vehicles.

The buses have a maximum speed of 80 kilometers and they can go for 160 kilometers before they need to be recharged.

Turda, which has a population of 40,000 ,is about 30m kilometers from the city of Cluj which will become the first city in Romania to test a self-driving bus in a pilot project next year.

Driverless buses, or autonomous buses as they are called in Romanian, can seat a maximum of 12 passengers.

Turda is the hometown of the late Romanian presidential candidate and democracy activist Ion Ratiu. The Ratiu Foundation which bears his name has its headquarters in the old part of the town where it activates a series of workshops dedicated to democracy and civic activism.


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