Energy efficient braking with Sitras PCI from Siemens

Sitras PCI Wendelsteinbahn

The world’s population is constantly growing causing an increasing demand for mobility. But the challenges are many: peak hours are getting busier, consumers’ expectations regarding travel conditions are increasing and the pressure on cost optimization and energy efficiency are the heart of the latest technologies. 

In public transport networks operating in direct current at voltages between 750 and 1500V, the modern rolling stock, which is gaining more and more ground due to its many benefits, is equipped with energy-saving technologies, including recuperative braking. Recovery braking allows the reuse of a considerable amount of energy, which is charged in the direct current network.

Siemens Mobility, a leader in transport solutions for more than 160 years, proposes the efficient use of recovered energy with the help of inverters with IGBT (Insulated-gate bipolar transistor) technology type Sitras® PCI. They are used in locations where energy transfer between vehicles is often incomplete. The choice of these locations is made following a network study carried out by our specialists, analyzing the data provided by the client.

Through the inverter, the braking energy of the vehicles can be fed back into the medium voltage supply network and thus transferred even over longer distances and made available to another location.

In addition to energy recovery, Sitras PCI can also compensate reactive power. Reactive power can be capacitive to maintain the voltage level in the three-phase power supply network or inductive in order to compensate for a capacitive cable network.

Thus, the advantages of using this Siemens solution are the following, per Sitras PCI:

• Recovery of braking energy up to 1,000 MWh / year

• Significant operating cost savings by recovery of braking energy and compensating for reactive power

• Reduction of CO2 emissions up to 468 t / year

• Heat reduction in tunnels by regenerating the braking energy

In addition, the solution can be completed with real-time remote monitoring via smartphone, including error alarm system, robust converter modules with a lifespan of over 30 years and remote service.

Article published in partnership with Siemens Mobility SRL


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