Energy price hikes jack up cost of food, gas in Romania. But potatoes are one-third cheaper than last year

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Chips anyone? Inflation rose to 5.3% year-on-year in August fueled by a rise in energy prices, the statistics office said on Friday.

If most food prices_ particularly Romanian telemea cheese and fresh fish cost more than a year ago_ some items such as potatoes are significantly cheaper.

August’s inflation was marginally higher than July’s 5% year-on-year rate which came after energy prices were liberalized on July 1.

The National Statistics Office said the sharpest process increases were in non-food items which shot up almost 8%.

Services rose by almost 3% and food prices were 2.7% more than a year before in August.

The biggest contributor to the price surge is electricity which is about 25 lei (more than 5 euros more) per 100 lei for each household.

Natural gas, which most people use for heating and water shot up by 20% from last summer. Gas consumption is still low as the weather is warm, but analysis expect a wave of price increases in the autumn.

Gasoline prices have also increased over the summer. A liter of gas on average cost 14% more in August than it did 12 months earlier.

If motorists were paying about 4.5 lei for a liter of unleaded gas last summer, they are now paying around 6 lei.

Oil, sheep cheese, fresh fish and margarine are more expensive.

But potatoes have fallen by one-third due to a good harvest. Fruit including citrus fruits and plane tickets have also gone down in price.


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