Romania has cheapest food and drink in the EU, PM says. ‘Fake news debunked’

Romania has cheapest prices for food/drink-Eurostat
Romania has cheapest prices for food/drink-Eurostat,

Romania has the cheapest food and drink in the European Union, Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Wednesday.

Eurostat, the European statistical agency published figures for the cost of living across the 27-member bloc on Tuesday.

Price levels were highest in Denmark and lowest in Romania. Romanians pay about 45% less than the EU average for food, according to the figures.

The statistics weren’t immediately picked up in Romania, so the prime minister, himself pointed them out.

”EUROSTAT confirms –food prices are the CHEAPEST in the EU!” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He said the figures debunked”fake news” about “an explosion of prices” as a result of the pandemic.

Eurostat statistics also show that Romania has the lowest prices in the EU for postal services and internet.

However, Romanians pay relatively more for cars and motorbikes, another category statisticians looked at. They paid 14.2% below the EU average in 2020.

Eurostat says that in general prices in Romania are about 55% the level of the average in the EU.

Romania has among the lowest wages in the EU, although they have grown in recent years, particularly in major cities.

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