Flights to 12 countries suspended until mid-May in bid to contain the spread of COVID-19- Romanian interior minister

Sursa: Pixabay

 Romania’s interior minister says that flights to a dozen countries which have high numbers of coronavirus cases will suspended until mid-May in a bid to stop the spread of the disease.

Romanian authorities have already banned commercial flights to and from the 12 countries at different times under a military ordinance which was imposed during the state of emergency.

The announcement from Interior Minister Marcel Vela on Monday evening marks an extension of the suspension until the state of emergency ends on May 15.

Romania had 11,336 confirmed cases of coronavirus on Monday and 631 deaths.

Vela said: “We have decided in this military ordinance that the suspension measure to and from Spain will be extended for 14 days starting from 28 April.”

He said that flights to Britain, Austria, Belgium the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, Turkey and Iran would be suspended until May 14.

Flights to Italy will also be canceled until May 14, as will flights to France and Germany, he said.

Humanitarian, military and charter flights taking farm workers to Western Europe are not included in the ban.


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