Fuel prices soar to seven-year high in Romania

Gasoline reached its highest price in seven years and diesel was selling a three-year high on Thursday.

A gradual increase in gasoline prices has fueled inflation in recent months. Gas and electricity prices have already soared by 25% and 20% respectively, leading to concerns ahead of the winter.

On Thursday, unleaded has was selling for 6.08 lei a liter and diesel for 6.04 a liter (one euro is 4.95 lei), according to fuel.net.

It was the highest price at the pumps since 23 July, 2014 when a liter of unleaded as cost an average of 6.39 lei, ZF reported.

Diesel prices have also heated up in recent days, exceeding the 6 lei mark. Thursday’s average price was the highest since 20 October, 2018 when it was 6.09 for a liter.

The fuel price hikes come after record lows last year. May 2020 say prices dip to a 10-year minimum. Unleaded gas cost as little as 4.15 lei on some days and diesel prices also dropped to 4.4 lei a liter.

On Thursday, the cheapest gas in Bucharest was 5.99 lei a liter, while the cheaoest diesel was 6,02 lei.

In other major cities, prices were similar to the capital’s.

Cluj 5.99 lei for gas, 5.94 a liter for diesel.

Timișoara: 6 lei liter for gas and 5.99 for diesel.

Iași: 6.01 lei for gas, 5.97 lei for diesel.

Constanța: 6.02 lei for gas, 5.95 lei, diesel.

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