‘Garbage War’ in Romanian capital leaves hundreds of shelter dogs at risk- animal welfare group

Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

Hundreds of shelter dogs are at risk in the Romanian capital due to a conflict between a district town hall and garbage collectors, a city hall official and a animal welfare group say.

The first district city hall and Romprest garbage disposal company are locked in a months-long dispute over unpaid bills. The company said it would stop collecting residents’ rubbish on February 11 if bills weren’t paid.

In December, rubbish piled up in Bucharest’s richest district after the company stopped picking up household waste. Services were temporarily resumed after some payments were made.

Clotilde Armand, the mayor of the fist district, says the bills are too high for services rendered and wants a recalculation.Mediation attempts have failed so far.

The row spilled over into January, and a city hall official and animal rights group Kola Kariola said 760  dogs risked becoming collateral damage. Romprest which looks after the dogs has said it will pull out its employees from the shelter.

”The shelter has no cleaning staff. There’s also nobody to feel the dogs. Romprest is currently taking it people out of there,” city hall counselor Ilinca Macarie wrote on Facebook.

Animal welfare group Kola Kariola also raised the alarm about the situation saying it had tried and failed to talk to someone at the city hall.

Deputy mayor of the first district district Oliver Paiusi told Hotnews he would resolve the problem with the mayor by personally delivering food to the dogs while animal protection agency and police look for a new home.

“The mayor and I will take 20 sacks of dog food. there We’ll make sure the dogs are fed (and if not) we’ll bring it to them,” he said.

Garbage collection company fed the dogs and cleaned their cages every day, Ms Macarie wrote. “It’s a tough job and I’m convinced they love the dogs in their own way, otherwise tey wpudln;t do it.”

“Some of them even have a special relationship with the dogs and have a better relationship with them than some trainers.”

“Thanks to divergences between Romprest and the district 1 city hall, these people could lose their job,” the counsler said.

”You political wars will lead to a loss of life. Canceling the contract with Romprest endangers the life of 750 shelter dogs, ” Kola Kariola wrote.


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