Government estimates 70% of Romanians will get coronavirus shot as it prepares ground for immunization program

Romania’s government has adopted an immunization strategy to inoculate the public against SARS-CoV-2 and estimates up to 70% of the population will be inoculated.

The first batches of the vaccine are expected to arrive in December and the program will start in January, Health Minister Nelu Tataru said recently.

The vaccine will be „free and voluntary,” according to Valeriu Gheorghita, the doctor coordinating the anti-Covid-19 vaccination program.

Authorities will reach out to specialists and civil society to help in the public awareness campaign as vaccination begins.

The two-dose coronavirus vaccine regimens will make it harder to inoculate Romanians. The current vaccines require two injections spaced either three or four weeks apart.

But just as is important as the jab is making sure people are informed, a government spokesman said.

“This campaign is extremely important It’s the only solution to end this pandemic,” the head of the prime minister’s chancellery Ionel Danca said on Friday.

The government says key groups will get the jab first. Healthcare personnel are at the head of the line to get shots followed by retirement home staff and personnel at other homes. High-risk groups such as people with cancer of diabetes will also be at the front of the line.

He said the vaccine would be free and available to everyone. “It’s free and voluntary.” he said. “Its success depends very much on people’s will and people taking part in the program.”

“We have to avoid making this a political issue because the health and lives of Romanians are at stake,” he said.

“We’re calling all specialists  to support the government’s efforts to successfully roll out this vaccine campaign and support government efforts.”

President Klaus Iohannis has called a meeting of the Supreme Defense Council on Thursday, the country’s top defense body to discuss the vaccine strategy.

Mr. Iohannis said he would be the first to get the vaccine to set an example. He said the health ministry would explain the strategy and how it will work.


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