His lucky day. Romanian man who lost 10,000 euros gets it back after woman finds it on the ground and hands it in to police

bani furati/returnati constanta, IPJ Constanta
bani furati/returnati constanta, IPJ Constanta

A man who lost 10,000 euros in the Black Sea port of Constanta reported the loss to police claiming the money had been stolen from his bag at a mall in the city.

Twelve hours after he lost the money which was part of a payment for a property he was planning to buy on the Black Sea coast, he gave up hope of ever finding the cash.

However, Constanta police received another call from a woman who had found the missing 10,000 euros at the entrance to a shopping mall where the man had been earlier.

She went to the police station and handed over the money. Police thanked her for her sense of civic duty, spokeswoman for the Constanta Police Department Andreea Iliescu said in a statement.

The unnamed man who had traveled to Constanta from the northeast city of Suceava was in the process of buying a property and had been due to meet someone to give them the sum, Digi24 reported.

Instead, he discovered the money was missing and called the 112 emergency number and reported the loss, likely thinking that was the end of the story and he’d never see the money again.

“But the miracle happened and the man managed to recover the money,” the station said.

The station showed an image of the woman, 55, who lives in a village near Constanta holding a wodge of euros, flanked by two police officers.

Constanta police reported that the woman also met the man at the police station and personally handed over the money.

“We appreciate such behavior, but at the same time we recommend people look after their possessions,” a police statement said.

There were no details available about his reaction.



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