Holzstock Festival held at fortified church in Hosman

Now in its 8th edition, the music festival organized within the fortified church in Hosman, Holzstock Festival, is taking place between August 12 and 14, 2022.

The vicinity of the church-citadel in Hosman, but also the extraordinary view of the Făgăraș Mountains, offers a unique setting for this festival. During the two days of the festival, the participants, whether they are local, from Sibiu or from any part of the world, enjoy music, work/creation workshops, discussions and songs at the campfire, but also the opportunity to do a bit of hiking in the Hosman village area. The organizers have prepared a camping area for tents between the walls of the Fortified Church and a camping area for Vans.
The following bands will perform at this year’s edition: Argatu’ and Moș Martin, Basska, Wildchild, Fittonia, The Mono Jacks, Orkid, Gunshee, Coven Clash.

Children up to 14 years of age, proven by an identity document, benefit from free entry to the festival and camping, only accompanied by an adult, based on a special bracelet that will be issued by the Organizer, at the check-in point.

The event represents an important source of income for the administration and maintenance of the fortified church complex.

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