‘Hybrid war’: US, British advisers telling armed Ukrainians what to do, says Russia

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov says ‘hostile’ western countries have stolen Russia’s dollar assets’

Russia said Tuesday that western countries, including the United States, were previously unfriendly, but now they were just hostile states.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Western countries were now waging a “hybrid war” against Russia.

Political war

Mr Peskov added US and British advisers were telling armed Ukrainian nationals what to do and providing them with intelligence data. These countries were also waging a “diplomatic and political war” against Russia, he said.

“There are attempts to isolate us in the world. It’s an economic war… It is true that we keep referring to them mildly as unfriendly states, but I should say that they are hostile states, because what they are doing is war,” he said, according to Russian news agency, TASS reported.


Moscow says all the states that imposed sanctions on it after the invasion of Ukraine, including Japan, the US and all member states of the European Union are considered ‘unfriendly.’’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on May 14 said  western countries had declared an  all-out hybrid war on Russia. He accused the  US of preparing the current crisis since the end of the Cold War and said Moscow was ready to accept the challenge, according to RBC.ru.

The spokesman said the country’s dollar and euro denominated assets that were frozen have “actually been stolen”. “But we are going to fight for them, of course,” he added.


„Any war ends with peace, and this world will be one in which our voice will be heard, in which we will feel comfortable, safe and in which we will stand with confidence,” he said, speaking at the ‘New Horizons’ educational conference, acknowledging that the so-called ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine is actually a war, the Spanish EFE news agency said.


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