In Romania, Covid-19 cases shoot up to 3,900, 52 deaths

New Covid-19 cases shot up to a seven-week high on Tuesday in Romania with 52 virus-related deaths reported in the last day.

The Strategic Communication Group posted 3,900 cases Tuesday morning, a 122% rise over the previous day.

Romania is in the grip of a fifth wave of the pandemic. Experts predict a worse case scenario of 25,000 cases a day by the beginning of February.

Cases have steadily climbed this past week after a lull. Tuesday’s infections were the highest single-day figure since Nov. 16.

The infection rate in the capital inched up to 0.9 per 1,000 up from 0.87 the previous day reported.

Romania reported just under 1,800 cases on Monday and between 1,200 to 1,600 a day last week.

Forty of the 52 patients who died weren’t vaccinated people and 49 had underlying health conditions. The patients who died who were vaccinated all had underlying health conditions.

There are currently about 2,600 Covid-19 patients hospitalized of which 390 are in intensive care treatment. Thirty-three of them have Covid vaccine certificates.

Seven children are in intensive care.

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