Romanian nurse who was first to get Covid-19 vaccine reveals she got pregnant after 1st dose. Vaccine ‘protected me and baby’

Mihaela Anghel, prima persoană din România vaccinată împotriva COVID-19 a nascut
Mihaela Anghel, prima persoană din România vaccinată împotriva COVID-19 a nascut, spune ca vaccinul i-a protejat.

A nurse who was the first person to get a vaccine against Covid-19 in Romania has revealed she got pregnant shortly after getting the jab.

Mihaela Anghel said she discovered her pregnancy just after she received her booster shot and went on to have a normal pregnancy and give birth to a healthy daughter.

The 27-year-old who works at Bucharest’s Matei Bals infectious diseases hospital, received the vaccine in December 2020 as the vaccine rollout started.

„Even if the pandemic affected our lives, 2021 was more than a perfect year for me. I became pregnant around the time of my first shot.”

The vaccine protected me and the baby as she has antibodies,” was quoted as saying by the RO Vaccinare government website.

Daughter Rebeca was born in September 2021.

„Vaccination is recommended by doctors during pregnancy and doesn’t harm the baby. On the contrary, it gives it immunity,” she said.

Her comments may allay unsubstantiated claims that the Covid-19 vaccine reduces fertility.

The nurse said she hadn’t had a third dose yet, but plans to.

“Luckily, all the family are immunized and haven’t had the virus,” she said.

Matei Bals treated the first patient diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 in February 2020.

Romania’s vaccination rollout began in December 2020 but slowed after an initial brisk start.

Some 40% of Romanians have been immunized against the virus.

Covid-19 map. Romania single yellow patch on a Europe that is red and dark red



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