In Romania new Covid-19 cases near 3,000, with 82 deaths in a single day

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Romania has posted 2,958 new cases of coronavirus and 82 deaths in the past 24 hours, setting new negative records for the virus.

The Strategic Communication Group said there were 612 patients with SARS-CoV-2 in intensive care units, the highest number ever.

The spike came as authorities imposed new restrictions in areas where there are high numbers of cases.

Restaurants with indoor seating, cinemas and theaters will close in Bucharest which has seen cases soar in the past week. On Wednesday, there were new 514 new cases in Bucharest.

Religious processions that take place in the fall where thousands of people flock have also been banned in some places a bid to keep the virus spiralling out of control.

Iasi county in northeast Romania, which has also closed restaurants and banned religious processions reported 147 new cases.

Romania has had a  cumulative total of 142,570 cases of which  111,564 patients have recovered.

Some 27,849 tests were carried out in the last day, giving a infection rate of  10.62%, higher than figures last week.

Some 52 men and 30 women with the virus died in the last day across the country.

Among the deaths was an 18-year-old with underlying health conditions. Two patients in their 40s, eight in their 50s, 18 in their 60s, 30 in their 70s and 23 older than 80 also died.

All but three of the patients had underlying health conditions.

There are currently 12,000 people with the virus in self-isolation and about 7,900 in institutionalized isolation.


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