Iohannis encourages everyone to save gas

President Klaus Iohannis stated olast week that the European approach to voluntary savings of 15% on gas is the right one and stressed that the economy must be done „wisely” and „where possible”.

„It is obvious that we will face a complicated winter, given that the gas delivered by Russia is becoming less and less, the gas on the international market is becoming more and more expensive. However, the European approach to making voluntary savings of 15% is a fair one, in my opinion. We have to look for alternative sources of gas, we have to seek to invest in renewable resources, but at the same time it is wise to save where possible. I repeat, where possible. The savings have to be done wisely. We don’t have to imagine that we want someone to stay on the cold. We can’t imagine that someone wants there to be no gas for the industry. All things must work”, said the head of state, at the Cotroceni Palace, at the joint conference with his counterpart of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

He stressed that, according to an analysis by the relevant ministry, a gas economy, as agreed, is possible, feasible and sustainable.

„Here we are not talking about a reduction in consumption by 15% compared to what we have now, but a reduction of 15% compared to the average of the last years and the calculations show us that something is possible without forcing someone to stay in the cold or without closing entire sectors of the Romanian industry”, Iohannis said.

The head of the state said that Romania is aware of the extremely difficult situation faced by the Republic of Moldova in terms of gas, showing that further discussions will be held in order to find solutions.

„Today, at the Government, there will be discussions on this topic, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and still until we find the best solution. Today, in the discussion with the President, we agreed that we must work different options, we must consider different scenarios and have concrete plans prepared for all the scenarios that we can imagine. One thing is certain: we will not abandon the Republic of Moldova and we will find solutions as they can be found for any of the variants that can appear – for the good variants it is simple, for very heavy it is complicated”, concluded Iohannis.

Romania relatively unaffected by Russian gas cut-off


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