Joggers, smokers and snackers in Romania exempted from mask wearing in Covid-stricken areas

Joggers and smokers are allowed to remove face coverings in areas where masks are now mandatory outdoors due a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The Committee for Emergency Situations adopted a resolution Monday saying people jogging in public places, smoking or eating on the street don’t have to wear masks, a rule which recently came into effect in some places.

The Romanian capital Bucharest enforced mask-wearing in indoor and outside public spaces a week ago after a surge in coronavirus cases.

Masks are compulsory in other places such as the northwest Cluj county and any place where SARS-CoV-2 cases exceed three per 1,000 residents.

Theaters, cinemas, restaurants, betting shops and bars have also been closed in high-risk areas. Restaurants and bars with outdoor seating are still operating with extra spacing between tables. Waiters are obliged to wear masks when serving customers.

The new exemption doesn’t apply to crowded areas, such as markets or bus stops.

The committee also said that masks should only be removed for a short period of time “when the person is two meters away from other people.”

Romania reported 3,855 cases on Sunday, fewer than previous days, but only 19,356 tests were performed, giving a high positivity rate of almost 20%.

There have been almost 210,000 cases and 6,391 Covid-19 related deaths so far.


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