Let summer begin! Outdoor cafes, beaches to reopen, outdoor concerts, international flights, rail will resume in Romania from June 1

Romania will further relax lockdown measures, and allow outdoor cafes and beaches to reopen and the resumption of international fights and trains, the president said Thursday.

President Klaus Iohannis  said some restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus would be lifted on June 1. Romanians will no longer need to fill out forms when they are traveling out of town.

Open-air shows, such as plays and concerts will also be allowed, with a maximum of 500 spectators. Outdoor sports events can also go ahead, except for contact sports, Iohannis said.

The announcement came after Romania reported fewer than 200 cases  of coronavirus in the last 24 hours for the third consecutive day. Romania has reported 18,791 cases since the outbreak began in March.

However, Iohannis said it wasn’t the time to relax too much.

“Today we have almost 200 new cases and almost 200 people in intensive care. We can’t speak about a significant reduction of the epidemic,” he said. “So it’s still be careful, be careful, be careful!”

Even if outdoor cafes and restaurants are allowed to open, rules will still apply, such as no more than four people at a table and there must be two meters between tables. People going to the beach will also have to keep a physical distance from other people.

Romanian students will be able to physically sit their pre-high school exams and Baccalaureate starting from June 15, Iohannis said.

The president urged people to maintain a physical distance from other people and wash their hands frequently.

”Once again, my dear Romanians, dear young people, children, pupils, we will manage together to get through this epidemic successfully if we respect (physical) distancing, if we wear masks in closed spaces and take care to wash our hands often. I wish you all the best of health!”

Romania enforced a state of emergency in mid-March which went on for two months and majorly disrupted people’s daily lives. Authorities began to relax the lockdown on May 15 when hairdressers, dentists, museums and some shops reopened.

It is compulsory for people to wear masks in enclosed public spaces, such as in offices, on public transport and in shops.


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