Moldova continues to discuss security with Romania

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The president of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, discussed options for reform in the national sector of security with Eduard Raul Hellvig, the manager of the Romanian Intelligence Service, who paid a work visit to Chisinau.

During this dialogue, according to the press service of the Moldavian presidency, topics at the center of attention for the whole region were approached: the high level of security risks, possibility of intensification of arms traffic, of terrorist and cyber attacks, of radicalization and disinformation.

Maia Sandu mentioned the security objectives which faced by the respective institutions of the Republic of Moldova, namely: 1)transparency of the activity of the Security for Intelligence and Security; 2) development of a mechanism for parliamentary control effective in the domain of national security; 3)an increase of trust of the citizens in the institutions responsible with the security of the informational space of the country; 4) efficiency of the regional and international cooperation.

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