Moldova extends separatists’ metal plant license in exchange for cheap energy

Moldovan authorities have extended the license of a metal plant located in the separatist region of Trans-Dniester in exchange for receiving cheaper electricity from the region.

Moldovan Environment Minister Iuliana Cantaragiu announced on Wednesday that authorities would extend the license for Uzina Metalurgica Moldoveneasca  to “obtain various benefits for Moldovan citizens, such as lower price for electricity from the region and farmers’ free movement,  she said.

Moldova’s National Commission for Emergency Situations on Tuesday axed a decision from the environment agency to suspend the plant’s operating license because of pollution.

The commission has extended the plant’s license several times this year, according to government data.

The  Cuciurgan TPP plant is located in Dnestrovsc, in the pro-Russian region of Trans-Dniester and it is the biggest thermal plant of its  kind in Moldova.

It is owned by Russian energy holding Inter RAO. It is powered by gas, oil and coal.

Some 70% of Moldova’s electricity needs are covered by the Cuciurgan TPP.

Uzina Metalurgica Moldoveneasca was built by in 1985 and has an electro steelmaking facility and a steel rolling mill.

Its main foreign markets are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Germany.

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