Moldova’s gas distributor seeks to raise prices by over 30%

Moldova’s national gas distribution  Moldovagaz has asked to raise gas prices for consumers by 31.5%, ahead of a looming energy crisis this winter.

Moldovagaz head Vadim Ceban said the move was necessary as prices had surged, he said on a post on Telegram.

The proposed increase would affect both private household and industrial consumers needs to be approved by the energy regulator.

Moldova depends on Russian gas and has been hit hard by the steep increase in spot gas prices since Russia’s invaded Ukraine in February.

Moldova shares a border with Ukraine and wants to join the European Union.

Moldova has cut its growth estimate to zero for 2022, as inflation soared to 34.3%.

Thousands of people demonstrated in the capital Chisinau, on Sunday calling for the resignation of the pro-Western government over spiraling energy and other price rises.

Several hundred protesters remained in tents overnight outside Moldova’s parliament.


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