Moldova’s top market in the EU is Romania, while Germany imports the most pillows from the ex-Soviet state

Romania is the largest importer of Moldovan goods in the European Union, the country’s statistics office said.

If neighbor Romania unsurprisingly took the top slot for imports, Germany has begin to import Moldovan bedding and Italy is buying Moldovan leather and honey.

Romania imported  $833.5 million of goods according to the National Bureau of Statistics, published by the EU Delegation to Moldova.

Germany is the next biggest market in the EU, importing goods worth  $245.4 million in 2021, followed by Italy with about $240 million.

Romania imported more than any other EU country is 12 out of 19 categories last year.

The most valuable categories were machinery, home appliances, electrical equipment and their components  worth $314.6 million followed by plant products  of $137.5 million.

Last year, Germany became the largest importer of furniture, bedding, mattresses, pillows and lighting from Moldova, with a value of $62.8 million.

Italy leads in the category of textile and leather materials and products. Honey and dairy products from Moldova are also in demand in Italy.

Romania provides 90% of Moldova’s electricity



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