Romania provides 90% of Moldova’s electricity

Romania currently provides Moldova with over 90% of its electricity consumption needs, minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu said on Saturday at the private television broadcaster Digi 24.

„The situation is serious, because at the moment the Republic of Moldova has a very complicated energy situation, being dependent cent per cent on external resources in terms of gas and electricity. For electricity, Romania already at this moment assures I think over 90% of the consumption needs of the Republic of Moldova. From this point of view, I’d say that Romania’s reaction was extremely prompt from the moment when, in fact, after the bombings in Ukraine, Ukraine could no longer export electricity to the Republic of Moldova. And then, that necessary amount that the Republic of Moldova was buying from Ukraine was and is ensured at this moment by Romania. For now, we can ensure this need. Of course, energy specialists can better say what are the time intervals that can be counted on. At this moment we can support the Republic of Moldova with electricity deliveries”, Aurescu said.

Minister Aurescu added that Romania has also helped Moldova with the supply of fuel oil and firewood.

„The government approved 130,000 cubic meters of firewood at the request of Moldova. We continue with the calls to the international community to provide grants to the Republic of Moldova so that it can buy energy from the free market”, the minister said.

Romania turning into electricity and natural gas node


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