More than 300 people protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest

Asociația „21 Decembrie 1989, Facebook.
Asociația „21 Decembrie 1989, Facebook.

More than 300 people,  mainly women and children, on Saturday staged a protest against the war in in Ukraine,  Agerpres reported. 

Participants held or covered themselves with Ukrainian flags and carried  placards saying:  „Putin=War”, „Stop the aggression”, „Putin, get your hands off Ukraine!”, „Russians, go home!”, „Stop financing the war!”, ” Ukrainians are dying for European values.” Many banners were in English.

Protesters yelled pro-Ukraine slogans against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war and shouted out the names of cities attacked by Russian forces. Riot police stood behind barriers erected to keep demonstrators at a distance.

It was the sixth anti-war demonstration outside the Russian embassy since the invasion began on Feb. 24.

It came 10 days after a driver died ramming his car into the gate of the Russian embassy. The man was a lawyer who had received a 15-year sentence for raping his daughter. The night before the incident he posted „I’m a Ukrainian too,” on social media.

The event was organized by the 21 December 1989 Association.

„The genocide unleashed against the Ukrainian people by the Red Army, together with  their Chechen and Belarusian accomplices, must be stopped. We have been and remain in  solidarity with  the  Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and sovereignty.  Ukraine will win,”  organizers said on Facebook.

The Romanian Civic  Forum Association, the Timişoara Initiative Federation, the Association of Former Political Prisoners in Romania and RePatriot also supported the event.

Peste 300 de persoane protestează în faţa Ambasadei Federaţiei Ruse din București



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