Multilingual young people with digital skills had easiest time finding jobs in 2022

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420,000 new jobs were posted this year on Young people at the beginning of their career, specialists, speakers of English and German, and those with digital skills and experience in sales were the most employable candidates in 2022.

According to a press release issued on Wednesday, the number is a historic record of the last twenty years, as well as the return of domains which in 2020 and 2021 (pandemic) slowed down in rhythm: tourism, HORECA, event organization or the food industry.

„It was a year in which almost everybody could find a job easily, even on the sector of 45+ where we know that recruitment is more difficult and where candidates themselves are more fearful with regard to the idea of changing their workplace. It is true, but, that for some categories it was much easier to get hired as the market was full of offers for them. We refer to those at entry level, with maximum two years of experience, specialists, speakers of English and German as well as to those with digital skills or with expertise in sales. Of course, most times, a sum of two or several of these criteria could be found in the same job announcement”, said Bogdan Badea, CEO of eJobs Romania.

Approximately half of the total number of new jobs of this year were aimed at entry-level candidates, after which those with average level of experience followed – namely 2 to 5 years. These are followed by candidates without experience, specialists with seniority of at least five years in their domain of activity and managers.

In fact, according to the quoted source, and as regards the efforts for finding a job there was noticed an advance of young people, which is getting close to the historic leaders of applications, namely the 25 – 35 category. In 2022, candidates aged between 18 to 24 years had 2.9 million applications for the jobs posted on the recruitment platforms, and those in the sector 25 – 35 years old registered 3.9 million applications. As a total, this year the threshold of 10 million applications was surpassed.

According to Salario, the salary comparator of eJobs, the salary average registered this year for entry level candidates was RON 3,000 net, across the country. A monthly average of 4,000 lei was reported for those with 2-5 years of experience and 5,200 lei for specialists with seniority over 5 years.

The departments with most profiles were sales, client service/call center and administrative logistics.

Recruiters were very attentive towards skills such as foreign languages or digital skills of the candidates. Thus, over 170,000 of the jobs posted on the platform mentioned English among the requirements and 23,000 had German as a foreign language.

„We are at a point of maturity of the market where, employers are willing to receive candidates who may not be graduates of faculty or trained in a certain domain of activity but they have the set of skills necessary to the job, both in the hard skills domain, technical knowledge as well as in the area of soft skills, which rather belong to attitude and behavior. Foreign languages or digital skills are part of this set of technical skills important for the companies”, said Bogdan Badea.

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