‘NATO asked Russia to accept the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia’ Mircea Geoana, deputy Sec. General

Sursa: NATO.int

NATO has asked Russia to “immediately ease tensions” over Ukraine and to respect the sovereignty of former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, NATO deputy Secretary-General said.

„The Allies have expressed … their serious concern about the amassing of Russian troops in and around Ukraine. I urge Russia to immediately de-escalate this situation, to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors, both of Ukraine and of the Republic of Moldova and Georgia,” Mircea Geoana said late Wednesday.


“I also urge Russia to refrain from any positions of force, aggression, intimidation, and malicious activities against the Allies” he told Romanian journalists on the sidelines of NATO-Russia talks in Brussels.

“The dialogue between NATO and Russia is … very difficult time, so dialogue is very necessary,” he said  News.ro reported.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said there was no breakthrough in the meeting of a special Russia-NATO forum, the first of its kind since 2019, on Russia’s demand that Ukraine and other former Soviet states be barred from joining the Western military alliance.


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said NATO could not cherry-pick Moscow’s demands. The list of demands includes Ukraine never joining NATO.

Some 100,000 Russian troops have reportedly amassed near the Ukrainian border, prompting fears of an invasion.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who headed the U.S. delegation, called on Russia to pull back its forces and consider the Biden administration’s compromise offer, which would include joint Western and Russian measures on arms control and military exercises.


NATO members have long called for Russia to remove its forces from areas of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, and accused it of using economic pressure, cyberattacks and disinformation against rivals.

Ms Sherman reiterated that the US and other NATO members would never agree to veto Ukrainian admission, pointing out that the military alliance had an open-door policy.

”NATO will make every effort, the Secretary-General, me and everyone to find a political solution,” he said.

NATO says its jets scrambled 290 times in 2021 due to Russian planes



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