New Romanian party seeking to reform political class ‘breathing down the neck’ of Social Democrats, poll shows

Sursa: Europa FM

A relatively new political party which is seeking to change the way politicians operate in Romania won its best ever score in a poll, positioning itself only slightly behind the Social Democratic Party

The Save Romania Union-Plus alliance rose three percentage points to 20.4% in the monthly poll which was carried out after nationwide municipal elections.

It was the first time it has had more than 20%, and a better score than the Social Democrats, Romania’s biggest party, polled in September.

Romania is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections on Dec. 6, although some lawmakers are trying to postpone the ballot.

The Save Romania alliance-Plus is a diverse mix of mostly young politicians who are pushing for a reformed political class.

The Save Romania Union first entered Parliament in 2016 and did well in Sept. 27 elections. Nicusor Dan, who was one of the party founders, won the race for Bucharest mayor on his third attempt.

The Social Democrats which had steadily declined in recent months inched up to 21.7% this month, a two-percent increase.

The ruling Liberals were credited with 32.6%, way ahead of other parties, but a drop since September when they polled 34.7 %.

Social Democrat all Pro Romania kept its score of 8.9%. Since the survey it has fused with a smaller party.

The only other party that would pass the 5% threshold and enter Parliament is the Union of Democratic Hungarians in Romania.

The survey was carried out by the Institute of Marketing and Opinion Polls (IMAS) for Europa FM from 7 – 28 October. Some 1,010 people were questioned and there is a 3.1% margin of error.


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