Outrage over Romania’s ‘horrendous’ tourism stand at New York fair

Romania’s Ambassador to the U.S. became the latest voice on Monday to slam a dreary tourism stand at a New York fair that was supposed to be promoting Romania as a top travel destination.


The furor started after the Romanian consulate in New York posted a picture of their stand at the New York  Travel & Adventure show that later went viral_ for all the wrong reasons.

In the post, the consular office boasted of “disseminating exclusive information” and making tempting tourism offers.

The stand, however, looked like an amateur school production cobbled together in the lunch break.

A4 paper prints that were curling at the edges were stuck haphazardly on dreary curtains with several suited officials standing in front.

Marketing flop

Romania’s Ambassador to the U.S. Andrei Muraru on Monday slammed the marketing flop and called for heads to roll. 

It’s outrageous and embarrassing. II haven’t seen anyone offer to resign or anyone own up.. It can’t remain like this. Those who organized (the stand) need to find who is to blame and take action. Otherwise the situation can happen again,” Mr  Muraru told HotNews.ro.

Charlie Ottley who made the Wild Carpathia documentary series celebrating the beauty and wildness of Romania’s untamed Carpathians was quick to react. He posted a video on Sunday to rant about the missed opportunity.

“They keep making horrendous mistakes. This cost over 8,000 dollars….  clearly not much of that went into the stand,” he grumbled.

“ It’s like they forgot to do something so quickly got (some photographs) printed  on a laser printer, hung them, stapled them to  a black curtain at the back.”

Face of Romania

“This is how Romania, the ministry of tourism and the authorities choose to promote  what could be one of the most exciting and beautiful countries in Europe. This is how they choose to export the face of Romania to an international, global audience.”

„They are spending taxpayers money making Romania look like a total embarrassment to the rest of the world,” he ranted, adding he’d offered to do a better job internationally for free.

The organizers appeared to have been quite happy with their efforts, at least initially.

Consulate general

„The representatives of our country benefited, throughout the event, from the support and logistical support of the management of the Consulate General of Romania in New York and of the Commercial and Economic Promotion Office,” the original post reads.

The post was later deleted.

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