Porsche, 1000s of pairs of pants are among ‘proceeds of crime’ items under the hammer in Romania auction

Porsche scoasa la licitatie, ANABI
Porsche scoasa la licitatie, ANABI

Romania is auctioning off the ill-gotten gains of crime, and a Porsche and thousands of pairs of men’s trousers are among the objects going under the hammer.

The National Agency for the Management of Confiscated Assets said it had started an online platform to auction goods online, the justice ministry said.

Users can bid for goods_ the proceeds of corruption and other wrongdoing_ which were subsequently confiscated by authorities.

Among the items up for sale on Monday were a Porsche Panamera and an Audi Q7.

Bidders need to put down a deposit of about 10% of the lowest starting price.

The 2008 Audi Q7 has a starting price of 21,500 lei, about 5,000 euros. The Porsche has a starting price of just under 90,000 lei.

But it’s not just luxury cars that are up for sale: one lot is 7,700 pairs of men’s trousers, another lot of a pile of scrap iron and yet another, andesite stone tiles.

„This innovative instrument was developed to facilitate the access of potential buyers … and to respect all standards of social distancing and to reduce all costs connected to classic auctions,” a ministry statement said.

The agency was created in 2015 and given powers to administer seized and confiscated assets. The proceeds of the auction will go to the state budget.

The ministry said it was following similar practices in France, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and the US who „had had success” with this kind of auction.

„Digitalising the working procedure in organizing these auctions ensures transparency and easy access to information about the agency’s activity.

The platform can be found at  https://anabi.just.ro/licitatiionline.


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