Putin’s face projected on Romanian Lukoil refinery in protest at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Lukoil protest, Greenpeace Romaniae
Lukoil protest, Greenpeace Romaniae

Greenpeace  activists projected the face of Russian President  Vladimir Putin and anti-war slogans in Russian on a Lukoil oil refinery in southern Romania overnight to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

„Stop  Fossil Fuels, Stop Putin! Stop  fossil fuels from Russia!, Green energy for peace”, read the messages beamed by activists on  the cooling tower at the oil refinery in Ploiesti, Greenpeace Romania said.

„Greenpeace  calls on the EU and the Romanian  government to immediately abandon the import of oil, gas and coal from Russia.  On day 57 of the war, only the Baltic States  and Poland undertook an embargo on fossil fuels  from Russia,” a message said.

The rest of the European states, including Romania, are funding Putin’s  war in Ukraine.  So far   they have paid 38 billion euros since the first day of the war.   Lukoil has operations in dozens of countries   around the  world and is  Russia’s second  largest  oil company after  state  giant Rosneft,” the environmental group said.

„Every fossil fuel company that comes from Russia is stained by the blood of civilians killed in the invasion of Ukraine,” Greenpeace said.

If we really want to help those fleeing the war and stop the massacre in Ukrainian cities, then we must immediately give up Russian gas, oil and coal. Stop Putin! Stop fossil fuels in Russia”, Greenpeace Romania activists posted on Facebook.


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