Ukraine’s FM to visit Romania to discuss security, ‘ask for arms’ to fight Russian invasion

Sursa: Flickr

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dymitro Kuleba will visit Romania on Friday where he will meet the prime minister and the foreign minister and is expected to ask for military aid to fight the Russian invasion.

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu tweeted: „Looking forward to welcome my colleague and friend…tomorrow morning in Bucharest, Romania.” Romania stands with Ukraine.”

Ukraine is likely to ask Romania to provide military hardware to help it fight Russian troops. He is arriving from Bulgaria where he failed to convince Sofia to give military aid.

„Those who hesitate and speak against giving Ukraine weapons are in fact supporting the Russian invasion and the extermination of our citizens,” he was quoted as saying by Efe.

The foreign minister on a regional tour to shore up support and also thank neighbors for hosting large numbers of refugees who fled the fighting after Russia invaded in late February.

EU and NATO member Bulgaria has traditionally enjoyed  good relations with Russia which is why the government was likely reluctant to supply arms.

“I met with Ukrainian women and children who found refuge in Bulgaria. Grateful to the government and people of Bulgaria for their heartfelt hospitality and support. Russia’s unprovoked war must be stopped so that all Ukrainians can return home and live in peace, “ the minister said in a Tweet.

Earlier Thursday, he spoke to his Moldovan counterpart Nicu Popescu to thank the neighbor for banning Russian war symbols.

“ I welcomed Moldova’s ban on the ribbon of St. George and the signs ‘V’ and ‘Z’ used as symbols of Russian aggression and war crimes in Ukraine,” he said. The pair also discussed bilateral cooperation.

The smaller Moldova fears Russian could launch an invasion using its 1,500 Russian troops stationed in the breakaway republic of Trans-Dniester as a springboard.

Putin’s face projected on Romanian Lukoil refinery in protest at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


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