Reuters: Romania’s gov’t will propose EU lawmaker as commissioner

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Romania’s new centrist government will propose European lawmaker Siegfried Muresan as its Commissioner in the EU’s new executive, Reuters reported citing officials from the ruling Liberal Party.

Two officials told reporters that the party had agreed Muresan would be the pick and a letter would be sent later Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Hotnews reported that Romania could be offered the post of European Commissioner for Enlargement, with Hungary taking Commissioner for Transport.

Muresan, 38, has been an outspoken critics of the Social Democrats’ contentious judicial overhaul, and has been a European lawmaker since 2014. He’s vice chair of the European People’s Party group.

Hotnews reported that the Liberals would send the new proposal for commissioner to incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen later Tuesday.

The previous Social Democrat government led Viorica Dancila proposed her ally Rovana Plumb, but the nomination was rejected over integrity issues.

Parliament dismissed Dancila’s government in a no-confidence vote on Oct. 10 sparking political turmoil which also delayed the set-up of the new European Commission.

Orban said he would propose a new commissioner as soon as possible after three proposals made by Dancila weren’t approved.


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