Romania approves 100-million euro aid to help Moldova deal with energy crisis

Romania’s government has approved a 100-million-euros financial support package for neighboring Moldova to help it deal with a looming energy crisis

Romania’s offer comes after Russian energy giant Gazprom said it would cut off gas supplies to the former Soviet republic if Moldovagaz did not pay outstanding bills by the Friday.

Romania’s government approved the non-reimbursable aid on Wednesday to help Moldova in its „European integration” and make it more resilient “against destabilizing factors.”

Moldova’s parliament approved a state of emergency in energy also Wednesday. That will unlock funds to pay its debts to Moscow.

Relations between Russia and Moldova have cooled after a pro-European forces came to power in the past 18 months.

Moldova’s deputy premier Andrei Spanu  accused Moscow of using political tactics. Kremlin spokesman however said the problem was purely commercial, Radio Free Europe reported.

Prime Minister, Natalia Gavrilita asked for the state of emergency to Gazprom, which owns  64 percent of Moldovagaz.

Gazprom is demanding the equivalent of 63 million US dollars, of which Moldovagaz can only afford 38 million. The state needs to cover the remaining 25 million.

The premier said that Gazprom had refused to let its subsidiary pay its debts in instalments as it had done in the past.

Russian gas prices rose in December 2021 from $550 to $647 per 1,000 cubic meters in one month.

Gazprom and Moldovagaz signed a new gas contract in October.

‘NATO asked Russia to accept the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia’ Mircea Geoana, deputy Sec. General



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