Romania issues new collector’s coin to celebrate Queen Marie, 1918 reunification

Romania’s central bank will issue commemorative coins to celebrate Queen Marie and the union of Transylvania with Romania after World War I.

The gold and brass coins will be issued on Oct. 28, the National Bank of Romania said in a statement.

The obverse of the gold coin features King Ferdinand I and Queen Marie visiting troops on the front, with the inscription “ROMANIA.” It has a nominal value of 500 lei and carries Romania’s coat of arms.

The brass commemorative coin shows the king and the queen visiting troops and has a nominal value of 50 bani.

The obverse of the brass coin which will be placed in circulation also features an image of the royal couple and is inscribed with “ROMANIA” with a nominal value of 50 bani and the year of issue.

All the coins feature the portrait of Queen Marie on the reverse accompanied by “QUEEN MARIE.”

The gold coins cost 9,550 lei, minus sales tax and a brass coin will be sold for 9.5 lei plus tax.

The coins will be sold at central bank depository institutions in Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Iasi and in the counties of Dolj and Timis.


500 gold coins

50,000 brass collector’s coins 

5 million brass coins to be placed in circulation


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