Romania launches Sea Shield 24 international maritime military exercises

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Romania’s Naval Forces are hosting “Sea Shield 24” from April 8th to 21st, a multinational exercise with 12 allied and partner countries, including Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, and the United States.

Over 2,200 military personnel and 135 technical units, including 27 maritime and riverine vessels, 17 aircraft, and 91 vehicles and boats, will train in the Black Sea, coastal areas, rivers, and the Danube Delta, the Romanian Naval Staff announced.

The exercises aim to combat illegal activities at sea, control maritime and river traffic, conduct search and rescue operations at sea, assist vessels in distress, and secure critical infrastructure.

“Sea Shield 24” stands as the most complex event led by the Romanian Naval Forces in 2024, under the command of the “Vice Amiral [Admiral-TVP World] Ioan Georgescu” Naval Component Command.

It aims to promote Romania’s initiatives and interests on a regional and international level and enhance the interoperability level among participating forces.

The exercise also focuses on optimizing inter-institutional efforts and synchronizing planning cycles across naval forces in cooperation with other military branches.

Since its inaugural edition in 2015, the “Sea Shield” multinational exercise has continuously adapted its scenarios to quickly and efficiently respond to the full spectrum of threats to regional security and stability, reaffirming its significance in fostering collaboration and readiness among allied nations.

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