Romania probes Covid-19 vaccine acquisition as questions raised over why so many millions bought

Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors have opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of millions of Covid-19 vaccines, most of which were never used.

Romania has bought 18.5 million Covid vaccines, but has used less than 10 million. More than 2 million been donated_ mainly to neighboring Moldova. Others have been sold.

Some 750,000 doses have expired raising the question why so many were bought in the first place.

Vaccine coordinator Valeriu Gheorghiță, said that to his knowledge ”the procedures followed for the procurement (of vaccines) in all European Union countries were the same, and they were developed by the European Commission.”

Prosecutors at the Anti-Corruption Directorate said they began the inquiry to spot potential „abuse of office,” which could have benefited those involved in the acquisition procedure. So far, nobody is being investigated and there are no suspects.

Romania currently has 3.7 million doses.

Romania has one of the lowest vaccine uptake rates in the European Union. Just 27% of the population is vaccinated amid fears about vaccine safety and a distrust of authorities.

Covid vaccine booster jabs could be offered in Romania from next week




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