Romania reports new cases of COVID-19, introduces new measures at borders to contain the spread of the killer virus

Inquam Photos / Virgil Simonescu

 Romanian authorities have reported two new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 31, as authorities introduced new measures at the borders to control the spread of the killer virus.

Authorities added northern France and the Spanish capital, Madrid as high-risk areas of coronavirus infection.  

Health ministry official Nelu Tartaru said late Tuesday that people coming to Romania from those places will be placed in two weeks of institutionalized quarantine. He said authorities were considering suspending flights from the two areas.

People traveling from Italy are already subject to the same measures. Flights to and from Italy, where an estimated one million Romanians live, have been canceled.

Romania added the rest of France, Germany and Spain to the list of yellow zones, with moderate numbers of coronavirus cases.

Citizens traveling to Romania from will be asked to self-isolate at home for 14 days.

Most of the people infected with COVID-19, are people who traveled to Italy, or came into contact with people who’d been there.


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