Romania to increase number of COVID-19 tests on people at risk of contracting the virus

Romania will conduct more tests on people suspected of having the novel coronavirus or people who are most at risk, following numerous appeals from medics.

Healthcare authorities said Monday that just 11,223 coronavirus tests had been carried out so far, although some people had been tested twice meaning the real number of people tested is lower.

That compares to tens of thousands of people who have been tested in other countries. There were 576 cases of COVID-19 in Romania on Monday and five people have died.

The National Public Health Institute said that the following people would be tested:

-People with symptoms who have traveled abroad.

-Close contacts of people with symptoms of confirmed cases.

-Medical staff, including those without symptoms who have close contact with a confirmed case.

-People with severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) from all age groups and all hospitals.

-People in institutions with symptoms.

The health institute said there was no evidence of community transmission of the virus.

“ Romania is at this moment, in a pre-epidemic stage, with imported cases and isolated cases of local transmission. There is no evidence of community transmission,”

„In these conditions, the strategy should be focused on rapid detection of COVID-19” to limit the spread of the disease and to obtain proof of transmission that so far hasn’t been detected.


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