Romania updates its traffic light travel list; Bulgaria moves to amber

Romania has added Switzerland and North Macedonia to its latest red light Covid  travel list. Six other countries also entered the red list.

Bulgaria and Serbia have moved from the green to the  amber zone in the latest travel risk assessment. People entering Romania from these countries need to present a negative test or already be vaccinated against Covid-19.

If they aren’t inoculated and don’t present a negative test, they need to stay in quarantine for two weeks. Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations for Romanians.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations updated its travel list on Thursday evening.

There are 52 countries now on the red list including the U.S., the UK,  Israel, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Belarus and Japan which were on the green list are now on the amber list after Covid cases increased there.

Iraq and Argentina entered the amber list after previously being on the tred list.

The change will come into effect from midnight on Sunday,  August 29.

Passengers arriving in Romania from these red list destinations will need to isolate for 10 days in a managed quarantine facility and follow the necessary testing requirements.

Arrivals from amber list countries don’t need to quarantine if they present a test or are vaccinated.

People from red list countries need to be vaccinated. They still have to quarantine for a fortnight even of they have a negative test.

Romania adds US, Turkey to Covid-19 red travel list



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