Romania adds US, Turkey to Covid-19 red travel list

Romania has added Turkey and the U.S. to its latest Covid-19 red travel list.

The latest list which is valid from Sunday includes Spain, Britain, France Portugal, Cyprus and Greece which are popular holiday destinations for Romanians. Turkey and the U.S. are new additions.

The three-tier system divides countries and territories into a green, amber and red list of destinations. Each tier has different restrictions and rules for arrivals to Romania.

The regular reviews of each list are eagerly anticipated by travelers and the travel industry which has been hardest hit by the pandemic.

The latest update was announced on August 12, with the changes coming into effect from midnight on August 15.

Netherlands, Malta, Kuwait, and Panama have been moved to the amber list, alongside Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico and Finland.

Luxembourg and Oman are now on the green list.

The red list is countries of territories which have more than 3 cases per 1,000 inhabitants in the past fortnight.

\Yellow list countries have between 1.5 and 3 per 1,000 residents and  the green list  countries have rates below 1.5.

Arrivals from red and yellow list places who have been fully vaccinated can skip quarantine.

Spain, France, Tunisia on Romania’s latest red travel list



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